Daybreak EAP Software
Medcomp Software and customer base has been acquired by DAYBREAK EAP Software. The synergy of these combined Software companies will positively affect the future vision of EAP Software. Sales of Medcomp Premier and support for Premier and 20/20 continue. Call 800-782-6785.

Medcomp Software develops case management systems for Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and for other areas within Human Resources. We have installed systems across the globe for a wide variety of entities including Corporations, Universities and other educational institutions, Hospitals, Government Agencies at the Federal, State, County, and City level, and many more.


This is our newest EAP case management product and was first installed in 2008. It is a browser-based application developed in Microsoft ASP.NET with a SQL Server backend and is designed to be a solution for the full range of EAPs, Internal and External, large and small. Premier gives users the ultimate experience and flexibility in Case Management tracking and reporting.